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Danio Rerio (Zebrafish)

Danio Rerio (Zebrafish)

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The Danionins are a group of small, minnow-type fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae. Members of this group are mostly in the genera Danio, Devario, and Rasbora. They are primarily native to the fresh waters of South and Southeast Asia, with fewer species in Africa. Many species are brightly coloured and are available as aquarium fish worldwide. Danio species tend to have horizontal stripes, rows of spots, or vertical bars, and often have long barbels. Devario species tend to have vertical or horizontal bars, and short, rudimentary barbels, if present at all. All danionins are egg scatterers, and breed in the rainy season in the wild. They are carnivores, living on insects and small crustaceans.


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