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Betta Kit Marina

Betta Kit Marina

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Peut etre utilisé sans risque de dégât d'eau

Designed for convenience, Marina Betta Kits include everything you need to quickly set up, showcase and maintain your betta. Each kit includes a clear plastic aquarium with a uniquely coloured top that blends in nicely in a variety of household or office settings.

It’s so easy and convenient with Marina Betta Kits.
• 1.89-litre (0.5 US gal) plastic aquarium with purple top
• Natural purple gravel (500 g/1.1 lb)
• Nutrafin Max Betta Food (3 g/0.1 oz)
• Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner (60 mL/2 oz)
• Plastic plant with suction cup
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