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Poséidon Québec

Discus D-50 Plus Baby Granules

Discus D-50 Plus Baby Granules

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The 4.59 ounce bag of Tropical Discus Granules D-50 Plus Baby is a high quality food product designed for the needs of young and maturing discus fish. Containing 55% animal and plant proteins, egg yolk, spirulina essential amino acids and beta glucans, this mix is essential for boosting growth, providing more vibrant color and boosting the immune system of the fish during their development. Fry and juvenile fish require different nutrients than their adult counterparts, and the high content of omega-3 acids and fish oils present in this food help with rapid and healthy growth. The Tropical Discus Granules D-50 Plus Baby also helps to encourage spawning, reduce bacterial infections and fight harmful pathogens. Also suitable for other fry species with sensitive nutritional demands.


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