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Aquarium Sublime 200 - Blanc - 79"x27"x24"

Aquarium Sublime 200 - Blanc - 79"x27"x24"

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Aquatlantis combines a sleek aluminum profile with sublimination technology to bring you a sturdy but stunning tank, that contains several types of wood. The aluminum profile on the Sublime 200 Aquarium features a unibody frame, with no edges and a perfect finish. Simple, and elegant, this top-quality aquarium includes Sublime 200 Tank, 2 - 88w Easy LED 2.0 Lighting system, and BioBox 3 filter system, filter media. Dimensions: 198.5cm x 58.8cm x 69.2cm. The Aquatlantis Sublime 200 Cabinet is constructed with you in mind. A versatile design allows you to reverse the doors, choose your style. Doors also include a small LED to light the inside of your cabinet, push to open, and soft close features. This stylish and structured cabinet is the perfect addition to a Sublime Aquarium! It provides a stable foundation for your aquarium, as well as a sleek storage space for your supplies and aquarium accessories. Dimensions: 78" x 23 x 33". 

152 gallons

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