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Coral Pro Salt - 160 gal (Box)

Coral Pro Salt - 160 gal (Box)

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Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is the ideal salt mix for sensitive reef aquariums, encouraging accelerated, healthy growth and improved vibrancy of all corals. Red Sea Coral Pro Salt is created by blending naturally solar evaporated salt (NaCl) harvested from the waters of the exotic Red Sea Reef together with other fine elements resulting in a well balanced salt mix that is as close to real reef water as possible. 72% of the salt comes from the Red Sea and the other 28% is composed of major, minor and trace elements. The all natural salt contains 45 of the minor and trace elements present in reef water such as the essential "big 3", calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates. These three major elements greatly contribute to essential biological processes such as coral skeleton formation, ion-exchange and photosynthesis. Additionally, as the salt boasts an alkalinity of 12dKH, it is ideal for mixed reefs and SPS frag tanks.

Due to the unique production process, the environmentally friendly Red Sea Coral Pro Salt does not contain higher than natural levels of heavy metals and does not contain chemical binders. The mixture has no algae boosting nutrients such as nitrates or phosphates and maintains a low moisture content. When mixed with RO water, this formula exactly replicates the composition of Natural Seawater, creating an ideal environment for healthy reef and marine life. Comes in a 160 gallon box.

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