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Reefer Skimmer - 300

Reefer Skimmer - 300

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The Red Sea Reefer Skimmer - 300 is a top of the line protein skimmer designed to rid reef based aquariums of harmful pollutants in the water. This unit features an ergonomic design provides ample space for a fine bubbles to disperse across the skimmer cone without reducing either air or water flow. The transparent design allows for more precise monitoring of the collection cup and foam height within the pump. In addition, the manual neck cleaner allows for improved foam production and ensures that the machine itself is running at peak performance at all times. With three different assembly options to choose from, you will have flexible options regarding the positioning of the pump inlet and valve regulation according to the parameters of your sump. One of the biggest concerns with protein skimmers is the noisy output, but the Red Sea Reefer Skimmer - 300 places rubber stoppers and connectors at important joints to reduce the levels of vibration and noise that is created through the fusion of air and water.


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