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Yellow Turquoise Discus | Symphysodon spp

Yellow Turquoise Discus | Symphysodon spp

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They are highly esteemed within the fish keeping hobby due to their dramatic coloring, refined shape, and regal bearing and are widely considered to be the pinnacle of tropical fish keeping. These quiet, peaceful, and elegant creatures inspire appreciation and dedication like no other fish.

Scientific Name: Symphysodon spp.
Common Name: Yellow turquoise discus
Adult Size: 5-6 inches (12-18 cm)
Life Expectancy: 10 Years
Sociability : Couple (male and female) or in hierarchical group
Diet & Nutrition: Carnivore

Biotope: Amazon River of South America - Sensible to minor variations in the water's parameters and to chimical products - In the wild, Red Turquoise Discus are found living in the upper tributaries of the Rio Negro and Rio Madiera along with the surrounding lakes and flood plains. 
Temperature Range: 24-32 Celsius

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