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Caridina Nano Sticks

Caridina Nano Sticks

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Caridina Nano Sticks - 10 g

Tropical Caridina Nano Sticks are a specialized feed for dwarf shrimp species. Tropical Caridina Nano Sticks multi-ingredient sinking micro stick feed has been designed to benefit the health and immune system of your shrimp, supplying plenty of calcium, a vital part of any crustacean's intake, and natural vitamins, providing a balanced diet that enhances growth and stimulates the immune system of your pet.

The blend inside Caridina Nano Sticks has been designed by Tropical to appeal specifically to dwarf shrimps, which include blue shrimp, tiger shrimp, and red cherry shrimp. These sticks do not dissolve in water, so you can rest easy knowing the taste and texture of the food will be maintained for your pets, and your tank will not be polluted by disintegrated food.2.93

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