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Aquarium Aqueon Cascade, 11 L (3 gal US)

Aquarium Aqueon Cascade, 11 L (3 gal US)

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The Aqueon Betta Falls is an eye-catching acrylic aquarium that showcases your three favorite Bettas! Sure to make a statement in any home or office, this brilliant showpiece boasts a modern curved design with cascading waterfall feature. It comes complete with integrated filtration to keep water crystal clear, and its compact size is perfect for desktops and other small spaces.

To keep your fish happy and healthy, the Betta Falls is equipped with an efficient QuietFlow Power Filter (cartridge included). The internal pump with adjustable flow (up to 30 gph) keeps filtered water cycling through the three separate chambers, while the cascading water provides essential aeration. Removable lids on each chamber help to minimize evaporation, and a convenient fill indicator window lets you know when it's time to top up the water. To prevent your fish from seeing each other (to minimize stress), each chamber also features frosted side panels.

The Aqueon Betta Falls enables new and experienced hobbyists to safely house 3 individual Bettas in a single self-contained system. This one-of-a-kind desktop aquarium adds beauty, style, and the tranquil sound of flowing water to any space. To ensure proper care of your new finned friends, it includes FREE samples of Aqueon's Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner and Betta Food pellets.

The Aqueon Betta Falls aquarium uses medium size replacement filter cartridges. They are available in a 3 pack (SKU# 29927), 6 pack (SKU# 29928), and 12 pack (SKU# 68219). 16.5" x 7.5" x 11.25"

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