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Aquarium Aqueon, 28 L (7.5 gal US)

Aquarium Aqueon, 28 L (7.5 gal US)

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The 7.5 gallon Aqueon LED Shrimp Aquarium Kit is a sleek, modern aquarium designed to house a variety of different shrimp species including Ghost, Cherry, Amano and Bamboo shrimp. The elevated base offers a unique, sophisticated design and concealed LED lighting within the lid to create an incredibly sleek and compact profile that is ideal for small spaces such as desks or small coffee tables. Boasting a QuietFlow 10 Internal Shrimp Filter with an intake grid and pre-filter sponge foam to ensure that none of your precious invertebrates get accidentally sucked into the filter intake. Comes with 2 five pound bags of substrate, a water conditioner sachet and a set up guide with shrimp and plant suggestions to create a full, lively environment right in your home.

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