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Seachem MatrixCarbon is a professional grade activated carbon filter media, that has been designed with a spherical bead shape as a way to ensure optimal hydrodynamics, maximum water flow and provide optimal macroporous binding sites for beneficial bacteria to grow. This macropores also operate as mechanical filtration, removing larger organic molecules like nitrogenous waste. The media has a rather low ash content which can be seen on the minimal impact it has on pH levels, and even when mixed with distilled water, the pH levels will never raise above 7.0. Compared to other major brands, Seachem MatrixCarbon has the lowest detectable leachable phosphate content as well as performing twice as well regarding the total capacity to remove aquarium organic matter, rate of adsorption as well as the duration of use. This high quality, bituminous coal carbon media maintains optimal water clarity in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Comes in a 1 liter container.


250 mL will easily treat 400 L (100 US gallons) of aquarium water for several months. Place the media in a filter bag. Rinse before use. For best results, Seachem MatrixCarbon should be placed in such a way as to maximize the flow of clean water running through it. The product can be effectively used in a canister filter, chemical filtration module, box filter, or any high flow area of a trickle filter.

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