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Nutrafin pH Low Range Test (6.0 - 7.6)

Nutrafin pH Low Range Test (6.0 - 7.6)

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Made in Canada, Fluval Test Kits accurately measure water parameters to help you maintain a balanced and healthy environment for your fish and plant life. It's important to always test your source water as it may contain pollutants hazardous to your aquarium.

Key Features :

  • Most fish species require a specific pH level to survive, which is important as broad fluctuations can cause fatality.
  • This test kit is recommended for freshwater aquariums with tropical fish requiring lower pH levels in acidic water conditions.
  • 225 tests

Includes :

  • 1 x pH (18 ml)
  • 1 x Pipette
  • 1 x Glass test tube
  • Instruction manual

Note :

Due to occasional product re-design, item packaging may not be exactly as shown.

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