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Reef Carbonate

Reef Carbonate

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Seachem Reef Carbonate is a top of the line liquid additive that has been designed to raise the carbonate alkalinity within reef based aquariums. Absolutely essential for the growth and development of beautiful corals, the solution is a concentrated (4,000 meq/L) blend of carbonate and bicarbonate salts that will not deplete essential marine compounds such as calcium, magnesium and strontium. Seachem Reef Carbonate yields a relatively high 9.0 pK in saltwater, which allows the solution to stabilize pH balance to optimal levels between 8.3-8.4. The overall alkalinity of the reef environment should be maintained at around 3-6 meq/L (8–17 dKH) and it is important to note that the alkalinity should not be allowed to fall below 2 meq/L. Comes in a 2 liter container.



Use 1 capful (5 mL) per 80 L (20 US gallons) of aquarium twice a week. The solution works best if it is carefully diluted into a cup of freshwater first and then added to the aquarium. Check on the levels of alkalinity every 2 weeks and adjust the amount or frequency in response to the updated readings.


Check on the levels of alkalinity and then follow addition regimen until the alkalinity has been adjusted to 4-5 meq/L. Each mL contains a minimum of 4 meq of alkalinity. Each 5 mL/80 L will raise alkalinity by about 0.25 meq/L. The amount or frequency of use can be adjusted, but be careful not to exceed 20 mL/80 L per day. Afterwards, use as required to maintain optimal alkalinity levels.


After determining the consumption rate of the alkalinity, carefully install a continuous drip system in the aquarium. Use the following formula to determine how much Seachem Reef Carbonate to add to your top-3off water: m=va/4 (m=mL of product to add to top off water, v=volume of tank in liters, a=amount to raise alkalinity in meq/L). For example, if you want to raise alkalinity by 1 meq/L in a 200 liter tank, then you would add (200x1)/4=50 mL into the top–off water. [For reference: 1 gallon=3.8 L].

Do Not Overdose:

The presence of excess alkalinity has the potential to increase the depletion of calcium, magnesium, and strontium. Do not directly mix Seacem Reef Carbonate with any calcium, magnesium, or strontium supplement and it is recommended that calcium & carbonate additives are added on separate days or at least 30 minutes apart. The solution has the best chance of success when poured in gradually near strong water movement (such as near a powerhead) but do not add it to a sump or other area of slow water exchange.

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