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Poséidon Québec

Reef Plus

Reef Plus

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Seachem Reef Plus is a comprehensive reef supplement designed specifically for complex reef based aquariums. The formula contains essential trace elements, broad-spectrum vitamins and amino acids which have been shown to improve the overall health of aquatic fish and invertebrates, as well as contributing to explosive coral growth and eye-popping coloration. The solution helps replicate authentic environments by providing nutrients typically found in natural reef waters such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin-C, thiamine, inositol, choline, iodide, and more. Reef Plus can be added directly to the aquarium and is nitrate and phosphate free. Comes in a 500 ml container.


Use 1 capful (5 ml) for every 20 gallons of aquarium water twice a week, or as required for coral growth. Can be used in food by mixing 1 ml of Reef Plus with 15 ml of food

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