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Poséidon Québec

Reef Zooplankton

Reef Zooplankton

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Seachem Reef Zooplankton is a concentrated blend of marine zooplankton packed full of essential proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and biological carotenoids. These carotenoids are a rich source of proteins, antioxidants and pigmentation that encourages the beautiful, other-worldly colors that corals are famous for. The particle size range of 12.5-500 μm is well suited for a wide variety of marine inhabitants. Additionally, Reef Zooplankton has been enhanced as a way to dramatically increase the bioavailability of essential nutrients such as proteins, lipids, B vitamins and carbohydrates.


Shake well before using. Add 1 capful (5 mL) of Reef Zooplankton for every 200 L (500 US gallons) of aquarium water twice a week. Dose directly into aquarium as target feeding can overwhelm corals.

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